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Professional psychologists and qualified HR specialists based on psychology

“İntellimental Consulting & Psychological Center” is engaged in providing business consulting services based on psychology. Also the company provides psychological consulting and non-medical psychotherapy for corporate and private clients.
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Frequently asked questions
Who is a psychologist? Myth and reality.

Myth № 1. Psychologist is a psychic who feels and sees people inwardly.

Actually psychologists have no relations with psychics, magicians, astrologers, numerologists, palmists. A psychologist is a higly qualified professional who specialises in the study of human mind and behaviour.

Myth № 2. Psychologist is a doctor. Only people with mental health problems can visit a psychologist.  

It  is completely wrong to confuse a psychologist with a psychiatrist. Psychiatrist is a medical doctor who treats people with mental issues by prescribing certain medications. But psychologists  work with healthy people, help them to deal with temporary difficulties they face in their lives and guide them to find a right  solutions.

Myth № 3. Why should we consult a psychologist. It is possible to discuss problems with friends and family members.

Surely it is possible! Friends or family can be good sources of support, but talking with them may not always be affective, and it could even involve some risks. Because they show the same sensitivity to your feelings,  therefore they cannot approach the situation objectively. But psychologists are neutral  and don’t have any preconceived notions about you and have no personal investment in your life.

Myth № 4. Psychological services are too expensive and not affordable for ordinary people.

Psychological services are not expensive at all compared to services provided by specialist in other fields. (Example: doctors, lawyers and etc.)

What is the average time for psychological sessions?

A typical session runs about 50-60 minutes long. But it is possible to adjust the timing by mutual agreement.

What is Business Consulting?

Business consulting is a form of professional assistance provided to entrepreneurs and managers in order to increase the eficiency, productivity and profitability of the company.

For whom business consulting services are intended?

Business consulting services are intended for managers and entrepreneurs who want to improve the quality  of work by building strong relationships with employees, to achieve effective results of HR in the selection and hiring employees.

In which cases it is necessary to apply for consulting company?

Consulting companies and business consultants are usually contacted in the following cases.

  • When the business owner wants to increase efficiency, effectiveness, profitability and etc. of existing company
  • When the company management and specialists need methodological and expert assistance
  • When the enterprise has difficulties and limitations of solving a number of complex internal problems
  • When an enterprise wants to implement a specific project, for example; the application of management accounting or corporate culture, the optimization process and etc.
  • When the business owner needs a new environment to discuss new solutions, to develop themselves and to think out of the box ideas.
How important is psychological knowledge for a Human Resources Manager?

Nowadays psychological knowledge  is one of the requirements for HR Manager position. Acquision of psychological skills and knowledge is very important in terms of mastering and implementing methods of influencing people , increasing the work capasity of the team, overcoming conflict situations and the crisis of age and occupation of employees.

What documents are given to participants after the training?

A certificate of completion is given to paticipants, confirming their attendance and participation in the training and gaining knowledge and skills in specific subjects.

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