Business consulting services

In addition to standard business consulting services, optimized solutions will help  you to achieve your organizational goals.

You can use the following business services:

  • Management of Human Resources Department, distribution of authorities , compilation of functional responsibilities of employees, evaluation, motivation and creating of bonus systems
  • Selection of candidates, through various methods compiling a psychological portrait of candidate based on the feature of the job
  • Recruitment, staffing, involving the highly qualified employees of leading companies (head hunting), preparation of documents in accordance with the legislation of Azerbaijan Republic, opening personal files for employees, adaptation of employees and supporting employees during adaptation period
  • Building trust between management and employees, psychological support
  • Business consultations, individual consultations for employees and managers, trainings and non-medical psychotherapy
  • Testing employees based on different psychological methodologies
  • Controlling emotional and psychological stability of company employees
  • Raising team spirit , developing an effective behavioral strategy in the work environment, creating ideas, organizing and implementing “Team Building” aimed at discovering  potentials of employees
  • Conducting trainings by using graphical and visual samples
  • Trainings on improving psychological competence of employees, complete audit of HR, Administrative departments or offices. Preparation of audit documentations, troubleshooting and giving recommendations on improvement of efficiency of structural unit and giving final audit feedback
  • Doing researches within company, getting correct explanations and analyzing, preparing of final feedback
  • Creating of archive and information system
  • Working on e-government portal
  • Registration of archive documents, proper storage of documents and handing over. Ensuring timely processing of documents, storage, registration, accounting of documents, transferring of documents to the relevant structural units
  • Preparation of documents and reports for relevant governmental organizations, establishing relations with relevant government organizations ­
  • Provision of clerical services, providing all kind of support to companies in employee selection and hiring
  • Advising and recommendations by professional specialists to company employees in every difficulty arises during the work process
  • Organizing various events